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About the Firm
Established in 2010, we have been providing affordable and competent legal services to small businesses such as event planners, internet radio stations, e commerce apparel retailers and distributors, disc jockeys, record labels, public speakers, shop keepers, carryouts, graphic designers, apparel designers, apparel brands, illustrators, computer animators, photographers, art collectives, in home electronic repair, barbershops and hair/nail salons.

Our small business services counsel clients on the life cycle of a business from the promotional phase to formation and dissolution.  These services are only applicable for Clients planning to conduct business activity in the District of Columbia, or the State of Maryland.  

Trademarkitects, handles foreign and national issues for the life cycle of a trademark.  We also represent clients on all issues concerning or relating to copyrights.    We can represent clients from any jurisdiction so long as the plan to or currently do business in the United States. 

Our services include registration, enforcement and licensing .