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Why your business needs a federally registered trademark.

These questions will determine your immediate need for federal trademark protection.

(1) Do you sell a good or a service?

(2) Does the good or service have a:-brand name, logo or graphic design? 

(3) Have you invested/spent money in marketing and promoting the good or service with the brand/logo?

(4) Do you plan to or are you currently a national and/or global brand? 

(5) Is your good/service unique (and what makes it unique)?

If you answered yes to the following questions, it sounds like you have or need a federally registered trademark, without one, your business will have limited name protection which can dilute the exclusivity by coexistence of other brands with the same or very similar names.  We help individuals and entities from around the globe protect, defend and enforce their trademarks. 

We help companies maintain their one of a kind status, by protecting brand names, and logos with well drafted registration applications offering the broadest coverage allowable in light of the applications circumstances. 

We help companies enforce trademark rights through domain name dispute resolution, trademark cancellation proceedings, cease and desist letters, social media cease and desist mechanics.

Trademarkitects is our firm's division that exclusively handles trademarks and copyrights.
Services include trademark life cycle representation.  State, Federal, Internet searches, TEAS, TEAS plus, international direct filings and WIPO registrations, Office Actions, Suspensions, Request for Reconsideration,  Amendments, Statements of Use, Statements of Continued Use, Declaration of Incontestiablity, Renewal, Consent Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Cease and Desist Letters, Cancellation, Cancellation defense, Trademark Trial and Appeals Board Representation, Customs and Border Patrol trademark registration, Uniform Domain name Dispute Resolution three panel board representation.    

Please see for a menu of prices:

For federal trademark registration please click the link and follow the instructions.

Please see to register a mark right NOW for $676 total for one class of goods, an in depth federal search, application preparation filing, correspondence with USPTO, respond up to 30-minutes of Office Actions, and 10-year maintenance instructions for a registrant. 

If your brand is important to you, please register your trademark before someone else does!